In June 2018, the „Kézműves Sörfesztivál” was organized first time in Gyula. The purposes of the festival to celebrate the drink of the summer, the beer with high quality programs, domestic and cross-border craft breweries.

Within the „Kézműves Sörfesztivál” was organized the Central European Beer Awads – International Beer Competition for Home Brewing and for Craft Breweries.

The aim of the competition promotion of the moderate beer comsumption, promotion of the small-scale artisanal beers and home brewing, furthermore improvement of quality through the individual reports of achievements of producers, manufactures.

The members of the jury carrying out evaluation do not take part in the process of the preparation of samples, because the judges can’t know the identity of the samples.

The samples will be awarded gold, silver, bronze and champion titles. In addition, the Grand Champion winner will be selected in both categories.

The celebration of announcing the results is going to take place at the event „Gyulai Kézműves Sörfesztivál”.

The competitors get the results of the samples on an evaluation sheet within 30 days after the announcement of results, with the points and text evaluation as well.